How To Eat To Beat Disease 🧠

I listened to a great/informative podcast today! Link below. I love food and I love how science+research are catching up and we can finally confirm certain health benefits. Medications are replicated/derived from the properties of plants, veggies, herbs, etc so in its natural form - imagine how powerful it can be.

Food has the ability to work in our favor to heal or harm our body and everyday we get to choose by what we ingest. Your body is a temple not a trash can! The 1st step to eating better is knowing what foods are considered good for your health. Finding healthy nutrients that you like comes with trial and error but it should be an exciting journey because there’s so many choices!

Of course, food can’t replace medication but in conjunction with a healthy diet + exercise - it can do wonders. My first choice would be prevention which starts with being conscious of your diet so then you can prevent diseases before they have a chance to manifest. Give your body the right tools to knock out the bad actors - tumors, cancers, etc.

P.S. it’s never too late to change your diet/eat healthy!

Some fun facts from the podcast:

-Green tea and kiwi have anti-cancer properties

-Immunotherapy has been shown to be more effective than chemo in some cancer pts when they have a specific gut bacteria. You can grow these gut bacterias by adding certain foods to your diet to create the perfect environment for them

-Intermittent fasting is good. It stimulates your microbiome + helps your body release more stem cells for regeneration

-There‘s a book that explains the foods you should eat for good health/disease prevention and why. I love why’s and need a good explanation before I can be convinced -> Eat to Beat Disease by Dr. William Li


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