Global Climate Change

How does one believe in the panic of the Coronavirus but is yet ignorant to the fact that global climate change doesn’t exist? Increasing CO2 levels, temperature increase, decreasing insects, and extinction of animals doesn’t mean anything until it directly impacts our lives first-hand. It’s sad that it needs to be a pandemic for people to start listening.

We humans are the invasive species on this earth; destroying and polluting everything and anything we touch. We try to play God and make everything worse. If more people were empathetic, open-minded, and cared about something other than themself than this wouldn’t be such a controversial topic because it would easily be seen.

I’m always more than happy to listen to others and their perspective even though it may be different than my own. Something I will not tolerate is hostility; no one person’s opinion is more important than the other. It’s important to separate facts from your emotions. Respect is mutual.

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