Hello 2022! Reflecting back, I’m so thankful for the growth and and those have been a part of my journey. Four years ago, I started working towards my dream of being a PA. I literally slept, talked, and thought about it all the time. When asked what‘s the hardest part of PA school? I’d say it’s getting into PA school. You work for years to perfect yourself and qualify to apply and then hope that you’ll stand out in an extremely competitive pool of applicants (PAs are rated the #1 profession 🤗) . The whole process is very anxiety driven because of the unknown. Yes, PA school is extremely stressful and rigorous but that is something I was already expecting; I knew what I was walking into. Everything is more predictable from here - if I work hard and put in my fair share then I’ll get the outcome I want.

I love being challenged and I genuinely love learning. This journey so far has been such a blessing. There are days I’m stressed out of my mind but most days it’s pleasant. I get up, drink my coffee, do a meditation, make breakfast, start zoom class, hangout with my cats, etc. The flexibility of online classes and being in control of my day is incredible!

I know I haven’t been as active on social media and rightfully so since school has been my priority and I’ve been putting my mental health first. 3rd quarter in now! I’ve got my school-life balance down a bit more. I’ll try my best to update more. For anyone who’s still working on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves… don’t give up! Manifestation is real. If you want it bad enough, you’ll get it but you gotta work for it. The universe listens when you put the right intentions out.

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I listened to a great/informative podcast today! Link below. I love food and I love how science+research are catching up and we can finally confirm certain health benefits. Medications are replicated