• Rani Bui

Busy Bee

I can honestly say I’m the happiest when I’m busy. Pushing my limits and seeing how much I can handle is exciting and also makes me feel very productive. Last term of my undergrad - finishing a strong with 24 credits (yes I had to get approval from my advisor), working, volunteering and the occasional modeling. People always ask how I handle that many credits... honestly it’s the drive to get to grad school and reach my career aspirations to start helping people sooner rather than later. It helps that I also love to learn! My major is in health sciences so I’m huge nerd when it comes to bio and public health courses. Additionally, I reflected on what I truly value right now and cut back time from what doesn’t serve me or my goals and vice versa. Let’s just say my cats are pretty happy about this ordeal.

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Quote Of The Day

“Loneliness is not cured by human company. Loneliness is cured by contact with reality, by understanding that we don’t need people.” ​—Anthony de Mello Once you can acknowledge that you don’t actually