POSITIVITY TIPS! Read this when in a slump

I've realized that it's ok to be a positive person and feel down sometimes. We don't need to not hide it. This creates a fake distorted reality aka social media. Being happy 24/7 just isn't realistic but knowing how to change our mindset to get us back to the best version of ourselves is what we need to teach ourselves. Our mindset truly shapes our realities and the energy you project into the world is what you'll receive back. We are all made from stardust which connects us back to the universe. Big takeaway from Chem III, sitting through 4 weeks of accelerated hell and this is the big takeaway. Yes, science can be mind-blowing and also make you go WTF at the same time.


So here is what helps me get back to feeling good and positive:

-Self help books -> The subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck. This book does a great job of explaining the many issues that us millennial face with a bit of a potty mouth and humor. Little lessons from each chapter. Really does make you re-evaluate your thinking process and get to know yourself better.

-Documentaries -> Nexflix: 1) Heal 2) The Secret. They both talk about how our mindset creates our realities. I highly recommend watching both.

-Pinterest -> Going through and looking at relevant quotes about what your going through. Being able to relate helps put our emotions into perspective and dive deeper into why we feel that way.

-Exercise/meditation -> Workout and release that anger, stress, sadness, whatever it is. This will help your soul feel a little lighter and gain clarity.

-Nature -> Just going outside! Taking in the wonderful fresh air is an instant mood booster. It helps us realize how small we and our problems are in this world. There are so many beautiful things to appreciate about life and when we choose to focus on our problems like they are so special and unique to us, we are being ignorant.

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