My Boys Are My World

Spent Friday night giving the boy’s cat tree a makeover. I’ve been putting it off for a year since I’ve been so busy. Got down and dirty with some carpet, sisel rope and a nail gun. I didn’t have the heart to let the tree go. We’ve had it for 5 years since they were kittens and that’s their little territory. It’s also the most eco-friendly option and only costed $33 vs a $100+ new tree. When I adopted them, taking them in was my promise and commitment to give them the best possible life. They’ve shown me that love is unconditional and unselfish. It’s ironic when I say that my cats are different than your typical cat but they actually are. The amount of love you put into a being reflects who they become. My cats are a bit attached - they follow me everywhere and even wait for me to get home and run to greet me when I do. They’re honestly my little live happy pills  

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