During this time of year...

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

For the past three years around this time I get really emotional and all my senses are heightened. Death is very unsettling; yet it does a great job of making us appreciate how precious and short life could be in hopes of reminding us to be a litter kinder, nicer, and loving to others. It leaves us with an uneasy feeling that can never be understood but we make peace with it by letting the person’s spirit live on in good memories. If you didnt know, Misty, one of my closest friends passed away from suicide (see 8/22/18 post). At the end of the day, the only person that you should seek approval or love from is that person staring back at you in the mirror. Mental health is so so important.  I wanted to share this because first off, suicide is never the answer. It may seem like your whole life may be full of gray skies and you’re constantly getting poured on but it can’t rain forever. It gets better, I promise. Second, I’m a very emotionally strong and positive person yet this always gets to me because there’s not a “fix-it-all” or numbing button. We need to break down that barrier and show that it’s normal to talk things out. As a society we don’t want to be vulnerable so we hide any emotions that would deem us weak but we all go through the same shit.

Being empathetic is a human emotion and we need to hold onto that. Third, no matter how long it’s been sometimes you just need a big fat cry to let it out. Let yourself acknowledge that feeling and then release it. Lastly, just be a nice and kind person to everyone.  Xoxo, I’ll always have a lemon drop in your memory 

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