Checking In! Still Alive.

Life’s been super extra busy the last couple months. I’ve stepped away from social media a bit since I haven’t had time - second term doing 21 credits, working, and modeling. Honestly, It’s been kind of of refreshing learning not to hop on social media every time I had a free second, instead it’s opening up one of my eBooks! Don’t get me wrong social media has helped me a lot with my modeling and has the ability to change lives and make a positive influence when used right, but it can also distort our grasp on reality. I’ve done some self reflection recently and I can proudly say I’m happy with the person I’ve turned into thus far. More of an environmentalist and animal advocate day by day. Even the smallest changes can make an impact and it’s important to implement what you believe in. I appreciate this earth we inhabit from the air we breathe to all the creatures that call it home. I’m learning to adjust my lifestyle to fit my beliefs. Recently, I did a makeup cleanse and swapped out anything that tested on animals. There’s absolutely no reason to harm an innocent animal when there are plentiful safe ingredients to pick from. Though, for medical research I can come to terms with to save lives, but makeup, no. I’m a simple girl, I’ve never cared about expensive makeup and didn’t bat an eye about changing my ways until I realize they cost more because they use better products and most importantly don’t need to test on animals. Empathy is a trait I wished everyone had. 🐇  Look for the bunny logo on product to help support animal cruelty free brands!

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