Have been feeling extra grateful lately for this life I live. It’s honestly the simple things  - my fur babies, family, small circle of wonderful friends, a fun/stress free job, appreciative clients who I model for, and all the knowledge I’ve obtained. I’m not exactly where I want to be, but am definitely enjoying my journey on the way there even when taking 21 challenging credits.  One of my biggest motto is “Be scared and do it anyways”. It’ll always either be a lesson or a blessing. I’ve been on autopilot a lot so it’s nice to sometimes have things or people that come in and remind us to live a little. 

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I listened to a great/informative podcast today! Link below. I love food and I love how science+research are catching up and we can finally confirm certain health benefits. Medications are replicated

Hello 2022! Reflecting back, I’m so thankful for the growth and and those have been a part of my journey. Four years ago, I started working towards my dream of being a PA. I literally slept, talked, a