Knowing Your Self-Woth

Let’s Get A Little Deep One trait that I’ve recognized about myself and am proud to carry is that I know my self worth. I hold myself to a very high standard and if someone treats me any less than I deserve I will cut them out of my life. Easier said than done but I’m living proof it’s possible. “The way you love yourself will teach others how to love you”. Honestly I’m just sick of society teaching us women to settle and that every guy will do us wrong or cheat on us so we should just pick the one that’s worth the most pain. That is absurd. I’m tired of people in my life getting hurt and seeing that as an excuse. We are the creators of our own future. I would rather be lonely for the rest of my life than be in an insecure relationship. All we want is a selfless and secure love that reciprocates. No cheating, no lying, no games. I didn’t always have this mindset, I went through hell of battling with a lot of insecurities and wondering why I wasn’t ever good enough for someone. I finally woke up one day and realized enough is enough and I’ll never give anyone the power to make me feel any less than I really am. I have a mindset that a lot of those my age don’t possess and I recognize that makes me wise beyond my years. Age is honestly just a number. We grow from what we go through. Once we see it as a lesson learned instead of being a victim of our own circumstances then your whole world will change. My goal from writing these posts is help others see the more positive side to life and better themselves through my views and experiences. We all go through the same shit, it just depends on how you handle it. No it’s not easy, but it’s do able. Hold yourself accountable for your actions and decisions. If you want to know more just ask. 

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