August: Month with the most suicides

I’ve been feeling so down lately with no logical explanation... something just felt off and incomplete. This is around the time when my friend Misty passed away from suicide two years ago. Death doesn’t have a timeline, it’ll always suck and hurt. Crazy how life has a way of subconsciously reminding us. We’ve all been to the point in our life one time or another where we’ve felt so low that it’s hard to function. We all experience these emotions, we’re only human. Our job is to reach out and check on those around us. Even those with the friendliest, bubbliest, and happiest smile. It's easy to hide behind those barriers than to talk about it. Ending your life is selfish to yourself and those who love you. Every problem is temporary and won’t last forever. So please don’t choose the quick way out. One day you’ll look back realize how great it feels to overcome it and you only become stronger from every struggle you go through. No it’s not easy, but don’t let your problems win. You are in control of your life.

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