1 Year Progress update

May 2017:

May 2018:

Holy wow, I can’t believe these two pictures are a year a part.. you know the biggest difference I see between these two versions of myself is? How happy I truly am now. There’s no secret on how to get fit. When you start putting yourself first, things will start to blossom. I promise. In the first picture I was in a unhealthy 5 year relationship with lots of ups and downs and second picture is me single. I had more time for myself, ate better, and worked out a lot more and live a fulfilling life. I'm finally at a point in life where I am truly happy and proud of my body. I was never fat, but also wasn't fit. I just had a lot of insecurities and other emotional reasons that kept me from becoming the best version of myself. I’m not saying that you’ll always be better without a relationship, but if you find someone that compliments your lifestyle and you both rise up from love instead of “falling” then that’s different and so important to recognize. Happiness is a choice, always remember that. You’ll be as happy or miserable as YOU choose to be.

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