Admirable traits

The older I get the more I realize there are certain traits that I admire so much in others and I always strive to be all these things. Intelligence, kindness, and carrying a good sense of humor which shows you view life through positive lens and can make the best at what life throws your way. We’re all human, we go through the same shit but it’s the way you choose to overcome it. That’s why I cannot stand pity parties. I can count on one hand all the people I know that carry the above traits... which means it’s so rare.

Another thing that I notice is when someone remembers details about me or something I told them. Like it shocks me sometimes because everyone likes to talk but listening is harder to do. So if you know me, my memory is pretty good and I take pride in that because my memory used to be terrible but honestly I’ve tried really hard and one day it just clicked. So take time out out your day and reach out to people if they’re on your mind. Something I’ve really been trying to work on. It makes my day sometimes and it’ll do the same for others. And honestly if you actually read my posts and can relate, reach out to me because I’m sure we will get along great!

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