Honestly, this is my first Valentine being single in 5 years, but it’s also the happiest I have been in a long time. It’s just me figuring what I want and working to obtain my goals. I can say without a doubt that I don’t need another person to complete me. I’ve figured out what self-love is and that being “alone” is ok. It’s honestly what you make it to be and it’s been a blessing in disguise. Focus your energy on the positives. Not looking for anyone else, but if the right someone happens to come along and compliments me/my life, I wouldn’t be opposed, but I’m just enjoying life one day at a right now. My life is filled with so much love especially with my two fur babies by my side. That being said, don’t forget to remind the ones you care about that you do and spend time with those that make your heart smile! Spread love, positivity, and kindness not just to one person but everyone. 💖

#selflove #valentine

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