• Rani Bui

Flower Crown Shoot

Had a super cold but great shoot for some beautiful flowers crowns by Amanda Jones! She uses fresh flowers for all of them which makes even more special. The only con I would have say was they attracted some nats during the shoot depending on where I was standing... not a big fan of bugs. Amanda's 5 year old boy was there and he was the most adorable little chatter box. He told me that I looked like a queen in the wedding dress, what could be more precious in life?! Definitely felt like it with those flower crowns on no doubt.

And then my day didn't end there yet. I finally went and got my haircut! It's been about a year and I always forget why I need one, but I love it! I took about 5 inches off along with adding a caramel balayage. Feels and looks so much healthier. Before and after selfie is below.

Link to buy her crowns:

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